Get Involved — Volunteer! We would love to have you!

The key to a child’s success in school, besides a quality teacher, is a supportive parent.  Katy Elementary offers several ways for parents to be involved in their child’s educational experience.  It may include volunteering directly in the classroom or assisting the school through the PTO.  Children enjoy seeing their parents at school working alongside their teachers and with other parents.


A little volunteering goes a long way. Volunteering is something every parent can do and is a great way for parents to connect with the school as well as other parents. If you are a first-time volunteer at Katy Elementary, just one or two hours anytime during the school year can make a dramatic difference in children’s academic success.


Katy Elementary offers plenty of opportunities for parents to volunteer that best meet their schedules, unique talents and comfort levels. We appreciate any amount of time that you can give!  And please don't forget....every hour counts!  Make sure you log your volunteers hours every month...no matter how big or small.  It takes a team!  Thanks for being part of the Katy Elementary Family. 


1 Team, One School, One Family, BUILDING A LEGACY!