Student Benefits of KES PTO
The KES PTO is very fortunate to have such generous donations and contributions to our fundraising efforts from parents, teachers and community partners.  Because of this support, Katy Elementary leads the way in programs and curriculum support in Katy ISD.  We are committed to giving at KE students a well-rounded educational experience.  Our PTO school programs are funded 100% by KES PTO for which we are extremely proud.  We hope you are, too!

This outlines how your PTO funds are spent to supplement our children's experience at KE.  These funds supplement Katy ISD curriculum with educational opportunities and items that are not provided by the district.

How do we decide where to spend our money?
The KES PTO President and Treasurer meet before the beginning of the school year to create a budget that itemizes income and expenses for the new school year.  This budget enables that the PTO is held accountable for all spending and also guides our committees to ensure that overspending does not occur.

We look at past budgets, actual income and expenditures, and projected costs for any new programs being introduced.  We also enlist the help of parents, teachers and the KE Administration to ensure that we consider all aspects of the learning environment at Katy Elementary.

Once the budget is created, it is presented to the PTO Executive Board for discussion, and then the budget is presented to the PTO General Membership for approval.

Special Projects
We are conservative when budgeting income from fundraisers to avoid a mid-year budget deficit.  This conservative approach often leads to a budget surplus, and the budget committee discusses and presents a plan for these funds that is voted on by members of our PTO.  In the past, this surplus was spent on what we call "special projects."  These projects are a wish list of capital items that are not typically funded by KISD, but would be a great addition to the learning environment at our school.

All PTO members are entitled to copies of all financial statements and budgets.  Please contact KE Treasurer, Ashley Shuler or KE President, Carrie Singletary if you have any questions, to request a copy of the budget and/or past special projects lists, or if you want to get involved.